The Great British Duck Bake Off 2013

The creation and consumption of all things cake-related is very close to the hearts of all ducks. Inspired by that wonderful people BBC TV programme “The Great British Bake Off”, our feathered friends have arranged their own little baking contest.

Two of our friends have fended off fierce competition to reach the finals. Duncan, self-declared expert in cakes, pastries and biscuits (especially in quality control!) and Chloe, Queen of the eggless sponge, will fight it out to take the honour of being Best Baker. They are being judged by Welsh celebrity cooks Pawl and Mari, aided and abetted by their co-presenters Misses Peckins and Gulldrake. They have all had an exceptionally tough time whittling down the numerous contestants and sampling all their delicious offerings.


With the contestants evenly matched everything depends on the final “Showstopper” round, the theme of which is “Hollywood!”

photo copy

And the result … ?

Duncan, it was judged, had overreached himself by constructing an enormous Empire State Building complete with sugar paste King Kong. Unfortunately this was disqualified for being far too big (and not, as the Twittersphere would have it, because he splattered poor Pawl with cake mix). Mari also thought the texture of the cake was a tad too dry.

Chloe, however, managed to bake the perfect Showstopper; a model of her favourite film alien “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’. The decoration was remarkable and the cake was declared “perfectly moist”. A worthy winner for the Great British Duck Bake Off 2013.

Up and down the ponds and streams of the country, hundreds of ducks and drakes have been inspired to get out their mixing bowls and spoons, and start creating. As Misses Peckins and Gulldrake would say, “On your marks, get set…. BAKE !”


6 thoughts on “The Great British Duck Bake Off 2013

  1. No soggy bottoms here then!
    I follow this programme avidly, in part for the humour and presentation skills of Misses Peckins and Gulldrake.

    • Paradoxically soggy bottoms are an anathema to ducks! Both the ducks and I feel that GBBO is a very civilised programme with nice “ordinary” people baking things in a non aggressive contest which is enhanced by the somewhat tongue in cheek humour and innuendos of the presenters. Plus Paul and Mary are fab! 🍰

  2. With the final nearly upon us, who do the ducks fancy as the winner? I think it really should be Kimberley and Heaven preserve us from the Wailing One!

    • Well, now that Glenn has been knocked out, Kimberly, who has been quietly consistent throughout, is the favourite of the “sensible” ducks. However Ruby remains the favourite of Julius and Heston. Hmmm !

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