The Last Night of the Proms 2013

Alice, our opera singing housewife, after winning the Lieder Prize at the Cardiff Singer of the Year Competition, has been invited to sing a duet with her all-time favourite mezzo-soprano heroine Joyce DiDuckato at the prodigious Last Night of the Proms. They sing from the opera Cendrillon by Massenet, with Joyce in the title role of Cinderella, and Alice as her Prince Charming. They are conduckted by the world-renowned Madame Beaux Yeux; rather surprisingly the first time a female duck has conduckted at the Last Night of the Proms.


Later on Joyce and Madame Beaux Yeux will entertain us with some more traditional songs from Last Night.  The audience will, of course, join in with the usual raucous quacking and hooting. This is a taste of what they will sing.

To the human tune “Land of Hope and Glory”

Land of streams and reed beds, rivers sparkling bright.

Home to us through the ages, never need we take flight.

Proud are we of your waters, country bounded by sea,

Glory to our Creator, let us thankful be

Glory to our Creator, let us thankful be.            After A. C. Benson


And of course, to the tune of “Rule Britannia”:

When ducks first ga-a-a-a-azed upon this land

And swam upon the waters made for the-e-e-eir delight

And swam upon the waters made for their delight

This was the Charter, of River, Pond and Stream

That they should e-e-e-vermore custodians be

Rule Ducktania! Ducktania constant stands!

And blessed are we-hee to-who live within her lands


Though largely hi-i-i-i-idden from hu-mah-ankind

Whose actions long did cause us gre-e-e-at distress

Whose actions long did ca-ause us great distress

Yet still we labour to foster friendships new

And work in hah-ah-ah-rmony, our lives to bless

Rule Ducktania! etc                                                    After James Thomson

We hope you have as much fun watching the human Proms, sing along the duck lyrics – if you dare!

Photos by Duncan and lyrics by Jane.


6 thoughts on “The Last Night of the Proms 2013

  1. Well, I sang along to the duck lyrics as suggested. Luckily, the local police evidently had better things to do than arrest me for caterwauling! (Which may not have been the case had I sung along to the originals!)

  2. So what’s with the L plate on Madame Beaux Yeux? and she’s left winged? On a different note that photo of Joyce and Alice is very sweet – perhaps one for the WS album.

    • The “learner” L plate – I’ve seen it at previous Last Nights with newbie conductors . I think they did one for Marin too,but not pinned to her back.
      Madame Beaux Yeux is meant to be right winged ( so to speak ) – the view is meant to be of her back – it’s just my rotten drawing skills!
      Thanks for your kind comment on the Joyce/Alice pic 😊

      • Now I look carefully of course it is her back. I mistakenly thought she had turned round to conduckt the Prommers. (my autocorrect really does not want me to write conduckt!

      • My autocorrect has given up in disgust at all the duck and quack neologisms. Maybe I should have drawn Madame Beaux Yeux as a leftie – but I’ve never seen a proper picture of her!

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