Summer Days Drifting Away …

Ahh ! The summer holidays. A magical time for children to play, learn, explore and have fun ( weather permitting ). It seems as though those long balmy days will stretch on forever, well, until the beginning of September anyway, when the school term starts again. This is generally accompanied by parents heaving a massive sigh of relief because, although they will miss the little darlings, as everyone knows, you can have too much of a good thing.

Julius takes the opportunity to spend some quality time with his baby daughters and take them to Twt Park in Cowbridge. Heston is far too cool old to play on the swings, so he has gone off to play football with his mates. Alice is busy being pampered and having her feathers washed at Morgan Hair Design. So the three of them are left to enjoy themselves in the playground.


On the way to meet Chloe and her ducklings at Caffi Cwac, they pass by the river and can’t resist have a splash about. A people Dad is also having some precious time with his children, showing them how to feed the ducks (properly).


What better way to end a relaxing afternoon with your children than having tea with your friends and catching up on the local news ?


Better make sure those uniforms are pressed and alarm clocks are ready ( not long to go now ).


Happy Mardi Gras ! (Hapus Fraster Dydd Mawrth !)

Some of the mallards are on their way to the big city to celebrate the ( feathered ) Cardiff Mardi Gras. ( People Mardi Gras is next Saturday ( not Tuesday ) ; and supported by none other than the UK PM David Cameron ! ). They will proudly march in the parade celebrating LGBT equality and diversity, ending up in the Millennium Stadium – home of Welsh Rugby, where there will be music, dancing and general merry making. However, before they get there, the big city holds many temptations. Unfortunately, Duncan can resist everything except temptation …

Mardi 1

Another One Bites The Dust  ( doughnut that is )

Gerald also gets dragged away from retail paradise with Duncan firmly reminding him “We’re here, we’re Queer and we are NOT going shopping !”

Meanwhile, little James and Ellie get a ride on the back of their “Aunties” Enfys and Susan’s bikes during the parade. Enfys and Susan are the founder members of their local Ducks on Bikes chapter. Enfys finds her bike invaluable for getting around her Roath Park Lake parish, whilst Susan uses hers to deliver flowers and Tupperware from her shop.

Mardi 2

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike ! ( dedicated to Smorg )

Duncan, as a professional photographer, has been asked to judge the Drake Queen contest, which has been particularly difficult task due to the gorgeousness of the entrants. Priscbilla Queen of the Taff Embankment ( and friend ) have taken the prize this year by a whisker, or should I say feather ?

Mardi 3

She keeps her Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet ..   ( not pictured )

Gerald has been busy getting in touch with his inner duckling and having fun on the bouncy castle with James and Ellie, before getting off (feeling rather queasy)  and staggering to the nearest Pimms bar to recover his equilibrium.

Mardi 4

I want to break free, I want to break freeee !

Chloe and Olivia have been looking after the bookstall for their human friend Jo. They are doing a brisk business, especially in some of the classics of Dapphic literature.

Mardi 5

Guaranteed to blow your mind ! .. Anytime !

The chums finally meet up after a hard day’s partying for one final dance to celebrate the lovely time they’ve had at the Cardiff Mardi Gras.

Mardi 6

Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball !

I hope the people Mardi Gras will be just as successful !

God bless Queen and all who dance to her!

Peace n’ Love y’all !!

Summertime ( and the livin’ is easy ) …

Hurrah! Summer has finally arrived in the British Isles ( for a few days at least ). Our duck friends take the opportunity to have a leisurely evening picnic at St. Fagan’s Museum, after the humans have gone home. Julius is chillaxing under a tree, proudly sporting his Father’s Day present – well, he would if he could keep awake. The Mums enjoy a long, cool glass of Pimms whilst catching up with the latest gossip news; keeping half an eye on the little ones who are playing “tag” and getting nicely tired. On evenings like this, the livin’ is indeed easy…

summertime 1

Anyone for another Pimms ?

“Under the Doctor”

Poor Alice has been up all night nursing Heston, who has an appalling bill-ache. Heston is about to be taken to the doctors, in other words he will soon be “Under the Doctor”.

In certain areas of Wales, there is an idiosyncratic way of categorising the severity of illness as follows.

1) BAD (pronounced baaard) – A minor self limiting condition.

2) UNDER THE DOCTOR – A condition which a patient or their family feels is severe enough for a medical professional to pronounce upon.

3) BAD in BED – A condition which warrants a degree of bed rest.

4) BAD in BED UNDER THE DOCTOR – Numbers two and three combined. The neighbour’s curtains will be twitching.

5) SINKING FAST – Self explanatory. Usually involving hospital treatment and long waits in draughty A&E departments to be admitted.

IMG_0248under 2 2

under 3 1

under 4

under 5

under 6

under 7

under 8

under 10

under 10 1

under 11

under 12

Poor Heston just when he was beginning to feel better…

Fe Fi Fo Fum ….

THE match – Wales versus England, Six Nations Championship Decider

The Mallards make a trip to the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, to support their favourite rugby team. The crowd is passionate – a friendly rivalry between the Dragon and St. George. They sing their little hearts out to support the Boys. The atmosphere is electric and so loud that you can’t hear yourself think ( or quack ). The rugby is fast and furious, from one end of the pitch to the other. But there can be only one winner – the Dragon prevails. Well played all!

fe fi fo fum

And this is what they were singing …

” Wales defeated England in a fast and open game,  We sang  “Cmw Rhondda” and “Delila” –  they sounded both the same,  We sympathised with an Englishman, whose team was doomed to fail. So we gave him a big bottle, full of lovely Hancock’s Ale..”

” And we were singing hymns and arias, “Land of my Fathers”, “Ar hyd y nos” …

After the great Max Boyce.

St.David’s Day School Photo Winner

From the Vale Weekly News

“Here is the winner of our annual St.David’s Day photo competition (Nursery Class), submitted by talented newcomer Duncan Drake. The pupils of the recently renamed Ysgol St. Humble (still know to many of you as St. Bardot’s) pose happily with their teacher Mrs.Meredith in all their traditional Welsh finery.”

st davids day