“Heroes” … ( just for one day ).

We catch up with three of our feathered friends in the middle of a particularly busy day (for other family members, that is). Chloe and Olivia have taken the little ducklings to school, and a somewhat worried Alice has taken Heston, who was up all night with a sore bill and a raging temperature, to see their general quacktitioner.

Julius has had a slightly quieter morning, calling on his friends Gerald and Duncan to discuss business (er, that is, to indulge in the age old drake pastime of having a good chinwag and putting the world to rights). All he has to do is to remember to pick up the ducklings from nursery later that day.

Having concluded their business to their immense satisfaction, the three amigos wander down Bear Lane towards the High Street in search of a late lunch ….

heroes 1

heroes 2

heroes 3

heroes 4

heroes 5

heroes 6

heroes 7

heroes 8

heroes 9

heroes 10

It was a good job that Gerald, who is a Special Duck Constable, always carries his whistle. But Julius is going to be in big trouble with Chloe and the ducklings ……