Sochi 2014

An exclusive report from Clare Baldwing for the Duck Broadcasting Corporation at the Duck Winter Games in Sochi…


“We are witnessing a momentous event in British Sport. Speed Skating Star Kate “the skate” who has been through such a lot in the past few months with an injured wing, has taken Gold at the 2014 Olympic final, the first time someone from the United KIngdom  has done so.

As the flags were lowered to the British National Anthem, Kate and her best friend and closest rival Danielle from the American team, unfurled a banner which I think says it all. We sincerely hope that our human friends can put aside their prejudices and treat each other with respect and dignity, as we ducks learned to do many years ago.

Joining the athletes at the podium are Pieter the husband of the Russian skater Olga along with their little daughter, as well as Brad and Lisa the partners of Danielle and Kate respectively. It is a double celebration for Kate today as she and Lisa announced their engagement this morning. Both of their families are in the crowd, and viewers I can tell you that there is not a dry eye in the house. What a day to remember. We are all very, very proud.”


( all we are saying is ) Give Peace A Chance

From The Feathered Friend  – weekly paper of the Religious Society of Feathered Friends aka The Quackers.

Pilgrims involved in the 2013 UK Pilgrimage for Peace and Social and Economic Justice finally arrived in London last weekend, sixty two days after settling off from Iona on the west coast of Scotland.

Chloe and Olivia from the South Wales Area Tweeting joined them on the last leg. Along with some people Quakers and other peace activists they went to 10 Downing Street to hand over their declaration and a petition. They hope that the UK Government will abandon it’s policy of renewing the Trident Nuclear missile system so that the money can be spent on the health service, schools and welfare organisations instead.

In Trafalgar Square there was a vigil and a picnic involving lots of delicious ice-cream and cake. One of the people organisers said ” Every single one of us has come away enriched and re-energised. It was a life changing experience. ”


Photo by Duncan.