A Duck Called Jack to the Rescue

In the last episode, we left poor Julius at the mercy of incomprehensible cooking instructions and his chocolate stealing ducklings. But perhaps all is not yet lost ..

In desperation, Julius rushes over to Duncan’s house to ask him for help (after all, it was his recipe). As luck would have it, Duncan has a visitor, his old pond mate Jack Monkfishroe, a cook known professionally as A Duck Called Jack. She has taken the opportunity to catch up with Duncan (along with her Small Duckling, SD) before flying off to the bright lights to promote her new cookery book. A popular figure in the Duck World, she has been known to shock the more staid readers of the Daily Guano with her tattooed feet. However she has won the hearts of thousands of cookery mad ducks with her no-nonsense tasty recipes that any duck can follow (and, just as importantly, afford). Mind you she has yet to meet our Julius …


Duncan and Jack follow a distraught Julius back to his house, where Jack spends the rest of the afternoon taking him step by step through Duncan’s “foolproof” recipe.

Success! Under her close supervision Julius produces a perfectly moist eggless sponge with (thanks to a quick trip to the shops by Duncan) a rich chocolate ganache icing. Disaster has been averted.

By the time Alice arrives home, the kitchen is neat and tidy and the cake displayed in all its glory on her best china stand. Needless to say, she is delighted (as well as somewhat surprised). The ducks sit down to have a nice gossip in the time-honoured way with a cup of tea and some of Duncan’s own excellent seed cake. All’s Well That Ends Well ..


Sochi 2014

An exclusive report from Clare Baldwing for the Duck Broadcasting Corporation at the Duck Winter Games in Sochi…


“We are witnessing a momentous event in British Sport. Speed Skating Star Kate “the skate” who has been through such a lot in the past few months with an injured wing, has taken Gold at the 2014 Olympic final, the first time someone from the United KIngdom  has done so.

As the flags were lowered to the British National Anthem, Kate and her best friend and closest rival Danielle from the American team, unfurled a banner which I think says it all. We sincerely hope that our human friends can put aside their prejudices and treat each other with respect and dignity, as we ducks learned to do many years ago.

Joining the athletes at the podium are Pieter the husband of the Russian skater Olga along with their little daughter, as well as Brad and Lisa the partners of Danielle and Kate respectively. It is a double celebration for Kate today as she and Lisa announced their engagement this morning. Both of their families are in the crowd, and viewers I can tell you that there is not a dry eye in the house. What a day to remember. We are all very, very proud.”

Fun with St.Vesselina of the Ducks


Alice, our feathered opera star in the making, was very fortunate to be personally invited to a Masterclass given by the famous Bulgarian Mezzo-soprano Miss. Vesselina Kasarova. Miss. Kasarova is revered in the duck world as the Patron Saint of all ducks and she works tirelessly for the promotion of increased understanding between ducks and humankind. After the Masterclass, they let their hair (or feathers) down and posed for impromptu photos with their favourite Mezzo. Even the little ducklings got in on the act! What lucky Ducks !

“Heroes” … ( just for one day ).

We catch up with three of our feathered friends in the middle of a particularly busy day (for other family members, that is). Chloe and Olivia have taken the little ducklings to school, and a somewhat worried Alice has taken Heston, who was up all night with a sore bill and a raging temperature, to see their general quacktitioner.

Julius has had a slightly quieter morning, calling on his friends Gerald and Duncan to discuss business (er, that is, to indulge in the age old drake pastime of having a good chinwag and putting the world to rights). All he has to do is to remember to pick up the ducklings from nursery later that day.

Having concluded their business to their immense satisfaction, the three amigos wander down Bear Lane towards the High Street in search of a late lunch ….

heroes 1

heroes 2

heroes 3

heroes 4

heroes 5

heroes 6

heroes 7

heroes 8

heroes 9

heroes 10

It was a good job that Gerald, who is a Special Duck Constable, always carries his whistle. But Julius is going to be in big trouble with Chloe and the ducklings ……