Christmas Carols

Or “The Mystery of the Disappearing Mince Pie”

Julius is woken gently from his slumbers by the sweet and dulcet tones of his lovely wife Alice. It is time ( more than time ) for the ducks to make their way to Church for the annual Carol Concert. And it’s a chilly evening, so Julius is going to be very glad of his fabulous new Christmas jumper isn’t he?

Now whereΒ is that mince pie he was saving to fortify himself before going out into the cold? Let’s hope that there are plenty of mince pies and lashings of hot tea on offer for the congregation after the Concert is over.





Happy Holidays to One and All !


9 thoughts on “Christmas Carols

  1. Good to see the naughty ducklings avoided glued up tonsils following their mince pie heist. Or were they just pretending to sing …?

    • Thank you! My father was the organist here quite a few years ago and I spent many a happy hour here when I was younger!
      For Cowbridge folk who may be reading this, the real Carol Service is today at 5pm at Ramoth United Free Church.

    • Here here! I’ll drink to that with some lashings of hot tea!
      I hope you have a lovely, tasty Christmas! And plenty of brisk cycle rides to work the mince pies off 😊

      • My pleasure, Dr D! πŸ˜€ The ducks are so mesmerizing to watch. I swear, I’ve spent the last hour trying to do their stretched neck curtsy and realizing I’d really make a lousy duck. I wouldn’t even try the head tossing one… That could easily land me in a hospital! O:)

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