A Midwinter’s Night Dream

Or “Julius has nodded off on the sofa (again)”

Here we find Julius putting his feet up and just resting his eyes following an afternoon of Christmas busy-ness.

Unfortunately, before settling down he succumbed to the pleasure of maybe one too many of Alice’s delicious mince pies. (We won’t mention the Festive libation that accompanied it.)

He soon drifts off to the Land of Nod, with the sound of Christmas carols reverberating gently in his ears. To sleep, perchance to dream …?












To be continued …



2 thoughts on “A Midwinter’s Night Dream

  1. I get home from my first Christmas gig (in a pub) and find this joyousness waiting to be explored 🙂 My favourite is Animal and again I am gobsmacked at the detail in what you produce. Thank you – it must take hours. Keeps you out of trouble though?

    • Thank you Eyes! You are very kind. Yes developing and producing both Ducks and Vanessa definitely help to keep me out of trouble. Glad you liked Animal, didn’t know you were a Muppet fan!
      Toi toi toi for the rest of your Christmas gigs!

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