A Duck Called Jack to the Rescue

In the last episode, we left poor Julius at the mercy of incomprehensible cooking instructions and his chocolate stealing ducklings. But perhaps all is not yet lost ..

In desperation, Julius rushes over to Duncan’s house to ask him for help (after all, it was his recipe). As luck would have it, Duncan has a visitor, his old pond mate Jack Monkfishroe, a cook known professionally as A Duck Called Jack. She has taken the opportunity to catch up with Duncan (along with her Small Duckling, SD) before flying off to the bright lights to promote her new cookery book. A popular figure in the Duck World, she has been known to shock the more staid readers of the Daily Guano with her tattooed feet. However she has won the hearts of thousands of cookery mad ducks with her no-nonsense tasty recipes that any duck can follow (and, just as importantly, afford). Mind you she has yet to meet our Julius …


Duncan and Jack follow a distraught Julius back to his house, where Jack spends the rest of the afternoon taking him step by step through Duncan’s “foolproof” recipe.

Success! Under her close supervision Julius produces a perfectly moist eggless sponge with (thanks to a quick trip to the shops by Duncan) a rich chocolate ganache icing. Disaster has been averted.

By the time Alice arrives home, the kitchen is neat and tidy and the cake displayed in all its glory on her best china stand. Needless to say, she is delighted (as well as somewhat surprised). The ducks sit down to have a nice gossip in the time-honoured way with a cup of tea and some of Duncan’s own excellent seed cake. All’s Well That Ends Well ..


14 thoughts on “A Duck Called Jack to the Rescue

  1. Now if only Duncan and Jack would chance on me when I try to bake my Valentine chicken into submission tomorrow (then my longsuffering roommate would be extremely grateful!)! 😀

  2. unrelated… was sooo sure i spotted Duncan and a companion taking a stroll with lovely shaddow casting on ice in the morning sun just outside my office window… but just as i whipped out my good camera the battery ran out!! arrgh, I’ll have to wait until next year probably for him and friend to return as the ice is slowly melting away here…

  3. Hallo Dr Dog and les ducks. 😀 I was hanging out at the parking lot on the north shore of Mission Bay waiting for cycling friends this morning when I spotted three little mallards whizzing about on the green and couldn’t resist shooting at them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXu_JyWLr2s

    Really, I’ve never seen ducks move so fast before! They came by to check me out afterward and got 2 little bites of sandwich bread each as peace offerings… These guys were so spoiled they ate off my hand (or, rather, they nearly took off my hand in their efforts to get more than the little bits of bread!)! 🙂

    Hope all is well on the other side of the pond!

    • Howdy President Smorg – what a delightful video the waddling of the ducks really seems to compliment the Moravian folk songs – or do I mean vice versa? All ducks are very active this time of year, where I live they have occasionally wandered into the supermarket and tried to get into the Chinese take away – not a wise move!
      They are not very elegant if they take food from your hand, you have to be brave but it’s worth it.
      I think those mallards must have been Gerald & Duncan’s stateside cousins !
      I hope you had a great bike ride the weather looked lovely 😊

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