A Very Feathery Thanksgiving

Petroc, Alice and Julius’ eldest, is coming home for the first time with his new sweetheart to meet the family. His new friend is American and will be having her first Thanksgiving away from home this year. Alice thought it would be nice if they could treat her to a Thanksgiving Meal so she wouldn’t feel left out.

The apple of his Mother’s eye, Petroc, has been away at Billiol College, Camford studying Medicine. He met his sweetheart Jamie on the rugby pitch; well to be exact she was on the sidelines and he was on the pitch being the new left wing for the First Fifteen. Their love of Rugby brought them together –  a sport widely enjoyed by many ducks, consisting of thirty muscular fellows scrambling about on a wet muddy field; a combination of opera, ballet and murder.


Jamie is a Rhodes Island Red Scholar from a well to do family who made their money speculating on the Duck Jones stock market in New York. When their eyes met it was love at first sight and they have been inseparable ever since.

Alice is very keen to get things just right and the family have been very busy with the preparations for this important meal. A slightly confused Julius was told to return the Rainbow tablecloth he had borrowed from Gerald and Duncan after it was explained carefully to him that Jamie can be a girl’s name as well as a boy’s. The ducklings have been told to be on their best behaviour (!) and Heston, rather miffed that he has been told to have yet another bath, is nevertheless looking forward to a slap up meal.

photo copy

The meal is of course vegetarian as all ducks are. Jamie being very involved in Wildfowl Rights has brought a present for Alice, her hostess, a Turkey of her very own to adopt and so save from the dining tables of the humans. The meal goes swimmingly and the new British Holiday of Thanksgiving is deemed a success!

I hope that you too are able to spend some precious time with loved ones this Holiday Season.


9 thoughts on “A Very Feathery Thanksgiving

  1. I see that the ducklings’ ‘best behaviour’ didn’t last very long! Heston seems to be looking rather longingly at the wine – though Jamie is a very pretty duck. Perhaps he is glad he had that bath …

  2. I actually read this at about 4.30 this morning in a hotel when I couldn’t sleep – but the wifi was dodgy and the pics didn’t come through. I am impressed that the ducks are so civilised (as per title) and eat around the table. An excellent example to the young ones!

    • No – haven’t heard of it until now. Must admit to using goggle mostly because I like their pictures. Hope you have recovered from lack of sleep. Come to think of it – it’s probably one of Jamie’s entrepreneurial cousins that invented in across the pond. Hmmm.

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