Summer Days Drifting Away …

Ahh ! The summer holidays. A magical time for children to play, learn, explore and have fun ( weather permitting ). It seems as though those long balmy days will stretch on forever, well, until the beginning of September anyway, when the school term starts again. This is generally accompanied by parents heaving a massive sigh of relief because, although they will miss the little darlings, as everyone knows, you can have too much of a good thing.

Julius takes the opportunity to spend some quality time with his baby daughters and take them to Twt Park in Cowbridge. Heston is far too cool old to play on the swings, so he has gone off to play football with his mates. Alice is busy being pampered and having her feathers washed at Morgan Hair Design. So the three of them are left to enjoy themselves in the playground.


On the way to meet Chloe and her ducklings at Caffi Cwac, they pass by the river and can’t resist have a splash about. A people Dad is also having some precious time with his children, showing them how to feed the ducks (properly).


What better way to end a relaxing afternoon with your children than having tea with your friends and catching up on the local news ?


Better make sure those uniforms are pressed and alarm clocks are ready ( not long to go now ).


9 thoughts on “Summer Days Drifting Away …

  1. Do you guys put ice in the tea this time of year or do you drink hot tea all year round? Oh, and would it be ungentleduck-like to eat bread off the hands of humans? 😀

    • Most Brits would drink tea hot even on the warmest day of the year ! Mad dogs and Englishmen and all that ..
      Ducks tend to prefer to let the bread drop into the water so that it is slightly soggy before they hoover it up. When ducks are young they are indulged, but when they are more mature they are encouraged not to pander to humans!

      • No I think us Brits are just a bit mad. My Dad used to work in a Steelworks and during one hot Summer they put a cold drinks machine in for the guys working near the furnace – but they preferred drinking hot tea, they said it was more thirst quenching!

  2. I have a lovely image in my mind of Alice sitting in a chair in Morgans with freshly shampooed feathers and polished beak. It’s a pity Duncan wasn’t around to take a publicity shot …

  3. Sorry, I did mean polished BILL – and I hope her feathers don’t get too ruffled before next weekend.

    Do ducks have Oyster cards? (I’ve never yet seen a duck travelling on the London Underground, but then I’ve never been looking out for one!)

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