Meet the gang….

To the theme tune of the 1970s British sitcom “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum” – by Perry and Croft.

Meet the gang ’cause the ducks are here –

The ducks to entertain you.

With music and laughter to send you on your way –

We’re raising the rafters with a hey-hey-hey!

With songs and sketches and comedy too –

So come with us and you won’t feel blue!

So meet the gang ’cause the ducks are here –

The ducks to entertain you!

D-U-D-U-C-K  DUCKS to entertain youuuu!





To conclude with a rousing rendition of “Land of Hope and Glory” – getting into practice for the Proms!


11 thoughts on “Meet the gang….

    • I think the theme tune was probably the best part of the show – it’s not that long ago is it? Is It??
      Alice will be having a little holiday in September when her big night is over.

      • Actually I was suggesting more of a musical rest – there’s one missing in bar 3. Her thoughts must have been diverted at that point. Is she a closet White Shirt?

      • Ahh a musical rest – unfortunately the little tadpoles & squiggles don’t mean much to me so I didn’t realise the significance of them. I thought you must have meant that the character was getting a tad “tired”!
        She is definately white shirt friendly and would relish some of the roles, but alas is happily married.

    • Duck life unlikely to be found on Mars as currently has no atmosphere nor standing water. But evidence of previous duck habitation, hmmm, why do you think NASA sent the Mars Rovers up there? Chloe is focusing on trying to find habitable planets outside our solar system.

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