The Happy Prince ( It’s a boy! )

The boys meet as usual for their morning coffee and chit-chat. They are in celebratory mood, especially Duncan, who is going to mark the birth of the Royal Prince to William and Kate with an humungous cupcake. Heston is also cheerful, as it is the start of the school holidays. He chooses the stickiest doughnut he can find. They start as they mean to go on. As someone supposedly once said, ” Let Them Eat Cake ! ”


Has anyone got any Gaviscon ?

Cupcakes by Angela.


14 thoughts on “The Happy Prince ( It’s a boy! )

  1. More appropriate would be ‘let them find a job’ instead of carrying on this ridiculous Charade on the taxpayers dime. A Baby is a Baby, and noone is ‘born’ to be above someone else.

    • Whilst Duncan would whole heatedly agree that no one person is better than another simply by accident of birth, he needs very little excuse to join in any celebration of a young couple’s happiness to indulge his sweet tooth!

  2. A happy occasion indeed! I’m afraid I’m not allowed cake nowadays (I pudge up like balloon eating them), but I did put extra whip cream on my hot cocoa to mark the occasion. 😀 Are the boys going to proms concerts this summer?

  3. Well, I accept that there are reasons to promote the abolition of the Monarchy, on the principles of all folk born equal and decent people holding different views. But I suspect that the boys are simply taking pleasure in a young couple’s happiness at successfully getting through the traumas of pregnancy and birth – Gerald and Duncan probably celebrated the successful hatching of Petroc and Heston (let alone all the other babies) in similar fashion. In the end, it’s all about cake (or maybe champagne).

    • Well there has been some speculation amongest them regarding the name – Gerald is hoping for Valentine because it’s romantic, Duncan for Daniel ( his favourite actor) and Julius and Heston – for Alistair especially if we win the Ashes this year … but it looks like its probably going to be George ?

    • In breaking news Gerald has just put a wager on ” Peregrine, Ashford, Montemercy, Montgomery ” – if he pulls it off he will be the richest duck in the world!

  4. I think he should have won his wager. All it needed was for someone to send his suggestion to the happy couple, and George would have been relegated to name number five!

    It just goes to show that life is stacked against the (un)common drake …

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