An Ideal Husband ( buy one, get one free )

Now that the Marriage ( Same Sex Couples ) Bill has been given Royal Assent by the Queen, Gerald and Duncan are busy planning their wedding for next summer. One of the most vexing questions being ( for Duncan at least ) how many tiers should there be on the wedding cake ?


Let the preparations begin !!


6 thoughts on “An Ideal Husband ( buy one, get one free )

  1. I think they should have TWO cakes – one classic fruit version and one made from layers of the poshest cheeses Woodberry’s has to offer!

    • Oh yes a cheese wedding cake – Stilton , manchego, Camembert , mature cheddar, stinking bishop , gruyere with Bath Oliver biscuits and a selection of dried fruit and chutneys – washed down with a nice warm Malmsey- yum ..

  2. I’m looking into the commercial prospects of this BOGOF offer. Since I do not need any husbands myself there may be good resale value.

    • You know I think you may be on to something – an ideal “husband” for all your home, garden, DIY, car needs no job too small or large! Ideal goes home at the end of the job!

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