Summertime ( and the livin’ is easy ) …

Hurrah! Summer has finally arrived in the British Isles ( for a few days at least ). Our duck friends take the opportunity to have a leisurely evening picnic at St. Fagan’s Museum, after the humans have gone home. Julius is chillaxing under a tree, proudly sporting his Father’s Day present – well, he would if he could keep awake. The Mums enjoy a long, cool glass of Pimms whilst catching up with the latest gossip news; keeping half an eye on the little ones who are playing “tag” and getting nicely tired. On evenings like this, the livin’ is indeed easy…

summertime 1

Anyone for another Pimms ?


10 thoughts on “Summertime ( and the livin’ is easy ) …

  1. Presumably Gerald and Duncan have stayed at home with a bottle of Pimms of their own!

    I won’t ask how four ever so slightly tiddly ducks are going to escort the ducklings home – perhaps the author is designated driver?

    • If you look closely Julius has a mug of tea so he is the designated driver. However the Pimms is mostly lemonade and fruit. Ducks always drink responsibly and never drink and fly.

  2. The most glorious thing about the internet is that I simply have to think of a random phrase, such as “Ducks to Watch Out For”, and Google instantly provides me with a link. I was just randomly thinking of puns for “Dykes to Watch Out For”, and here you are!

    • Hello ! Glad you dropped by. I love a good pun, but of course DTWOF is the Classic. Good old Mo! As you can see, I in no way compare but AB is an inspiration and a “hero”.

      • Actually, there’s a slight similarity of line between your work and some early Bechdel. I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop over the next few years… 🙂

    • He is a very handsome duck indeed, it’s a great photo. Apparently a few have been spotted in the Uk mostly in the south & east, but they are not native and are likely to have escaped from local collections rather than flown all the way across the “pond”! He’s a bit similar to a Mandarin Duck, again not a native here but commonly seen escapees. Hmmm he might be an interesting addition to my lot! :))

      • He looks like a Mandarin duck with a bit of Mallard (recessive gene?) thrown in. Very pretty!

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