Fe Fi Fo Fum ….

THE match – Wales versus England, Six Nations Championship Decider

The Mallards make a trip to the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, to support their favourite rugby team. The crowd is passionate – a friendly rivalry between the Dragon and St. George. They sing their little hearts out to support the Boys. The atmosphere is electric and so loud that you can’t hear yourself think ( or quack ). The rugby is fast and furious, from one end of the pitch to the other. But there can be only one winner – the Dragon prevails. Well played all!

fe fi fo fum

And this is what they were singing …

” Wales defeated England in a fast and open game,  We sang  “Cmw Rhondda” and “Delila” –  they sounded both the same,  We sympathised with an Englishman, whose team was doomed to fail. So we gave him a big bottle, full of lovely Hancock’s Ale..”

” And we were singing hymns and arias, “Land of my Fathers”, “Ar hyd y nos” …

After the great Max Boyce.


4 thoughts on “Fe Fi Fo Fum ….

  1. Pretty ducks (and drakes) all in a row! So who are they all (and who is looking after Alice’s and Julius’ children)?

    • From the left we have Gerald, Olivia, Chloe, Heston, Julius, Alice and finally Duncan!
      The ducklings are staying with some human friends – I just hope they haven’t been watching Countryfile …

  2. I love the daffodil hats the girls are wearing – spotted several in the crowd at the match. Perhaps they could become official national dress instead of those black chimney things.

    • I agree, everyone loves seeing daffodils in the early spring. I did spy some chaps wearing the daffodils and the traditional chimney type hats( along with Welsh tartan kilts). National identity and Pride is very fluid and for everyone !

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