Welcome to my Blog…

So what led me to blog about a world where a sophisticated duck society exists in parallel with us – almost unknown, but for a few privileged humans ?

I have been fascinated with birds since my childhood, not the listing and categorising aspect of birdwatching, but just enjoying these beautiful creatures, with their individual characters, going about their daily business. My blog is unashamedly anthropomorphic based on actual ducks who visit my garden – Gerald and Duncan are an actual pair who regularly come to inspect what food offerings I have put out for them.

A little while ago, I started to invent stories about them partly as an antidote to my stressful job. As a child, one of my dreams was to draw comics but this got lost along the way of building my career. This is my first attempt at a comic strip, I have had no formal training in the fine arts. I love comics, graphic novels, sequential art – whatever you want to call it – the (not so) simple art of telling a story in pictures.  My first experience was of reading Bunty (and my brother’s Commandos) and these and other more sophisticated tomes still appeal to my middle aged self. I have referenced some of my influences in the strip and there are many, many books out there, covering all tastes and experiences. It’s not just about superheroes, although they can be good too.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the blog and that it makes you smile. Say hello if you’re dropping by. Constructive comments are welcome – but please be gentle with me – it’s my first time…


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog…

  1. A blog of duck comics with references to Bunty and Commando – I may be in heaven. Thanks so much these are hilarious!

    My boys both read Commando comics, took me back! I used to get them from a barman in the hotel I grew up in, had a huge collection. Am still recovering from the shock of discovering that Germans don’t routinely go around barking Achtung! 😉

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