An elementary introduction.

Ducks first appeared on Earth some 150 million or so years ago. For many years their evolution ran in parallel with ours. For a brief moment in the late Pleistocene period it was touch and go as to which animal species would reign supreme. In the end it was us humans, of course. The ducks however, think that it was them ..

They too developed verbal language and a highly sophisticated culture mirroring our own. Humans lose the ability to understand the duck lingo at quite an early age but small children are able to communicate with them, this in part, explaining their attraction to duck ponds. A few, rare, adults retain the ability to speak with the ducks and they have formed a Secret Society whose main objectives are the support and understanding of our two species, as well as protection from our mutual ancient enemies. More on that later however.

In a sleepy Welsh town, not far from the Bristol Channel, resides a colony of ducks who like to think of themselves as “civilised” and “cultivated”. Here we meet two of their number Gerald and Duncan, who as always, have their eye on the main chance, that is, looking out for some gullible human who will provide them with food. They’re not daft are they ??

Gerald and Duncan in “Same Old Cheddar”.

Scan 12

Scan 13

Scan 14


Scan 15


Scan 16


Scan 17


It would seem that the early bird gets the er.. cheese ..


3 thoughts on “An elementary introduction.

  1. I am thrilled to be the first to comment in this amazing new venture. Are we to asume that Gerald and Duncan are an item?

    • Well, Gerald & Duncan are based on two real ducks who visit my house most days. Their real names are Mr.Big and Consort and yes they are two drakes and they are always together as one of my more perceptive octogenarian neighbours has pointed out! However what they do in the privacy of their duck pad is entirely their own business 😉
      In short – yes!

  2. I’m just thrilled to see Gerald and Duncan ‘on blog’ (if that’s the correct terminology) at last! Hopefully, their friends and neighbours Chloe and Olivia and Alice and Julius will be following soon …

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